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Crypto Bomber is a Play-to-Earn game with CBOMBER as token reward. This token has an auto staking function that pays USDT for its holders.
Crypto Bomber is a Play to Earn NFT RPG developed on the Polygon Mainnet. The game revolves around the acquisition of powerful Hunters and blastering Bombs to detonate them against the Monsters. Players may participate in combat using their assets to earn CBOMBER tokens. Assets are player's owned NFTs minted in the ERC-721 standard which may be traded at our Marketplace or


Our vision is for gamers to regain control of their digital assets, Play to Earn, and increase adoption of blockchain technology in their everyday lives.


Our mission is to provide a fun and profitable experience for our players, to create a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming, and build an ecosystem of Play-To-Earn systems to meet the needs of all gamers from around the world.

Play to Earn

Crypto Bomber utilizes a Play-to-Earn model by distributing CBOMBER through gameplay, and giving value to player's NFTs by allowing them to freely trade their assets atour Marketplace or using community channels to advertize their sales.
Currently the following options are available for the player to earn:
  • Participating in combat through the use of hero and bomb NFTs for CBOMBER.
  • Minting hunters and bombs and selling them wherever they want.
  • Trading NFTs with other players for ERC-20 tokens.
  • Earning USDT from CBOMBER auto staking right in their wallets.
  • Exchanging CBOMBER on a DEX for currency that can be traded on the exchange.
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