What are Bombs?

Bombs are one of the main NFTs the player can possess in Crypto Bomber.
Unlike hunters, each account can hold an unlimited amount of bombs.
The price to mint bombs is displayed on the "Assemble" button in the Arsenal tab.
Each bomb comes with a random element and a random rarity denoted by the amount of stars it possesses. The rarity of the bomb determines the amount of attributes it has and the values that these attributes may roll.
The usage of a bomb is not tied to a hunter, so one bomb may be used by all four of your heroes.
Currently there is no way to change any of the values the bomb may roll.


CBB stands for Crypto Bomber Bomb, and are the bomb NFTs present on your wallet.
If you wish to have CBB visible on your MetaMask wallet, you may add the token through it's contract address found below:
Set the decimal to "0" if prompted.

Bomb Durability

Bombs have durability, which serves to limit how often a bomb can be used to prevent people from simply passing one bomb around to multiple accounts.
Durability recovers at a rate equal to hunter stamina, so a single account can use a single bomb for fighting with four hunters.
Durability has no effect on win rate, or the effectiveness of any hunter when used in combat.

Bomb Minting

Minting bombs serves as the primary CBOMBER sink of the game along with Re-assembling. All CBOMBER spent on minting bombs gets sent to the contract that handles fight payouts.
The rarity of a bomb is randomly determined upon minting. Currently the rates of each rarity is as follows:
  • 1% chance for a 5 star bomb
  • 5% chance for a 4 star bomb
  • 15% chance for a 3 star bomb
  • 35% chance for a 2 star bomb
  • 44% chance for a 1 star bomb
There is currently no pity system, or a form of guarantee that a specific amount of rolls will yield a specific rarity of bomb.

Bomb Elements

The element of a bomb is randomly determined upon minting. Bombs share the same elements as hunters (Technetium, Actinidium, Deuterion, Ekamargonite).
The element of the bomb is used for calculating the player roll for combat.
More information on element matching can be found here: