What are Hunters?

Hunters are one of the main NFTs the player can possess in Crypto Bomber.
Each account can hold a maximum of four hunters at any given time.
The price to mint hunters is displayed on the button in the Initial Tab. All CBOMBER spent on minting hunters gets sent to the contract that handles fight payouts.
Each hunter starts at level one, and comes with a random element upon minting.
Players may purchase element change potions from the CBOMBER shop to change the elements of their hunters.


CBH stands for Crypto Bomber Hunter, and are the hero NFTs present on your wallet.
If you wish to have CBH visible on your MetaMask wallet, you may add the token through it's contract address found below:
Set the decimal to "0" if prompted.

Hunter Elements

Each hunter comes as one of four different elements (Technetium, Actinidium, Deuterion, Ekamargonite).
Hunter elements are used to determine advantage calculations and multipliers in combat.
More information on how hunter elements are used can be found here:


Each hunter has their own individual stamina pool, with a maximum count of 200.
Stamina regenerates at a rate of one point every five minutes.
Stamina is spent when the player engages in combat, at a rate of 40/80/120/160/200 stamina per fight depending on the player's selected stamina cost per fight.
This means that in 24 hours, each hunter can get 288 stamina which equates to 7.2 fights.