Combat Formula

Combat Variables

Combat in Crypto Bomber utilizes a set of variables calculated from the NFT data the player owns. These variables are outlined as follows.
  • Unaligned Hunter Power is calculated using the hero's current level, and the selected bomb without considering any elemental matching.
  • Aligned Hunter Power calculated the same as above, except it takes into account if any attributes match the hunter's element, or if the attribute is PWR.
  • Trait Bonus is calculated by checking the element of the hunter and evaluating if it is strong, neutral, or weak against the chosen monster's element.
  • Monster Power is the listed power value of the chosen monster, and is used in determining the replicant's combat roll and the rewards payout.
Using the above information, we can draw several conclusions for Crypto Bomber combat that are written out below.

Elemental Matching

Choosing a monster that you have an elemental advantage against, comparing a bomb's element to your hunter, and comparing a bomb's attributes to your hunter are the three considerations in regards to elemental matching.
Based on the formulas for combat, we can make several key definitive statements.
  • Matching elements is important for win rate and experience gain calculations.
  • Matching elements is NOT important in calculating monster power range.
  • Matching elements is NOT important in calculating CBOMBER payout.


Combat starts by determining the Unaligned Hunter Power and using that to determine the range of monster to choose from.
The formula to get that and other variables can be found here:
Once the Unaligned Hunter Power has been determined the game takes that value and applies a ±10% to determine the range of possible monster power values.
This ±10% means you will never receive a monster that is impossible to beat, though you might be hard pressed to win against a monster if you don't have the advantage of elemental matching on your side.
The player then proceeds to choose a monster to fight and confirms the transaction. The contract calculates for the player's Aligned Hunter Power and Trait Bonus and uses those values to determine the player's combat roll and the experience gained on victory.
The player's roll is calculated by multiplying Aligned Hunter Power with Trait Bonus and applying a ±10%.
The monster's roll is calculated by taking their listed power value and applying a ±10%.
If the player's roll is equal to or greater than the monster's roll, they win the fight. Experience and CBOMBER payouts can then be calculated. The formulas used to get those can be found here: