A shocking reality comes with the discovering of 4 new chemical elements.
When the CERN was founded it had the mission of bringing forth what the most ingenious minds could make possible. The year 1954 was promising, World War II has ceased and peace finally came, now it was time to advance and rebuild what the war tore down.
The CERN came as an alternative for countries to joint forces in order to achieve a fast and brilliant advance in science and for many years it was so: computing, accelerators, detectors and even the World Wide Web came from cern. It seemed its capacity to innovation was endless until they discovered 4 new chemical elements: Deuterion, Ekamargonite, Technetium and Actinidium. This discovering did put CERN on the spot since these elements were completely different from anything on earth, even theories about what could be found in the solar system, if it was possible, didn’t predict what characteristics like these ones. Along with theses elements a new and shocking discovering was made and by year 2009, Sergio Bertolucci, CERN director by that time came to public with this announcement:
“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”
Scientists achieved the unthinkable, they created or opened a dimensional portal, this is the reason why those 4 elements were so different. The scientific society was thrilled with this news. the usage of this finding was unprecedented: it could be applied on travels, delivery, locomotion, surgeries, shippings and even war.
But, as time passed and they kept learning about the portal they discovered something terrible, one day a creature emerged from the portal and attacked scientists near it killing them. after a fierce fight they managed to kill the monster and decided to no open the portal again. By that time it seemed everything was under control and they put everybody under vigilance and obligation to open that information to anybody, it was a top secret matter. The objective was to cover this happening, the revealing of it would cause panic, histeria and eventually chaos. at the same time they intented to keep researching about the portal and the monsters in order to learn something about where they were coming from and how to use the portal and at the same time keep those beasts out the way.
Meanwhile the world was cheerful about such a news, but another shockingly discovering shook CERN’s scientists: they noticed each time they opened the portal, it happened also in many different places of the world following an spiral pattern starting from the cern, so the possibility of beasts coming out from these other portals was a real possibility. As long as nobody reported any appearing, there was no problem and it seemed the was no monster at all, besides that one they killed.
But in no time conspiracionists started to accuse cern of bringing monsters from another dimension associating tragedies and the so called et sightings one place after another. This idea grew so strong, the un gathered world’s governments to create media regulation in order to “stop fake news about the CERN”.
But as time passed, more and more sightings came to evidence until many capitals in the world started to report monsters activities and attacks with many fatal victims along with uncountless wounded and traumatized. At the same time CERN was aware of the consequences its discovering brought and they were trying to find a way to send monsters back since the most lethal weapons were almost ineffective against the beasts. And as surprising as the beasts arrival 13 years ago, now in the year 2022, 4 beings came across the portal, proclaiming they were here to hunt down the beasts.
At this point our game starts, you can have under your control 4 hunters that will find and kill every monster until the world is set free from this plague.