What is CBOMBER?

CBOMBER serves as the native currency for Crypto Bomber. Players leverage CBOMBER to acquire hunters, assemble and re-assemble bombs, and to buy and sell these NFTs at our Marketplace or OpenSea.
There is a maximum supply of 1,000,000 CBOMBER tokens and it has a 6% tax in every transaction, reverting 3% as auto staking in USDT for its holders.

Game Health

The most important part of Crypto Bomber is the game contract and maintaining enough CBOMBER to always be able to pay out players when necessary.

CBOMBER Sinks and Faucets

The flow of CBOMBER in and out of the contract is controlled by the faucets and sinks present in the game.
A faucet is an activity that distributes CBOMBER to players and a sink is any activity that consumes CBOMBER. Due to the limited supply of CBOMBER, a balance between the two is vital to game health.
Faucets in Crypto Bomber distributes CBOMBER to players, and the rewards pool that the faucets use is replenished by any sinks in the game.
The current faucets in the game are as follows:
  • Combat
The current sinks in the game are as follows:
  • Recruit Hero
  • Assemble Bomb
  • Reassemble Bomb
  • Early Withdrawal Tax
Future gameplay features will determine the balance of faucets and sinks which will be carefully managed by the developers. In-game events can act as "tokenomic levers" to drive the flow of tokens in and out of the contract.
An example of in-game events would be a "Reassemble Bonus" event where an increase in average CBOMBER spending is expected to be seen and will replenish the CBOMBER in the contract.

Impact of Multi-Accounting

Many questions come up around the subject of multi-accounting and sustainability. This is not an issue because the economics of the game cannot distinguish between a single player who has 10 accounts, compared to 10 players each with a single account.
Compared to a free-to-play model, CBOMBER needs to be spent in order to earn CBOMBER. Actions are time gated by stamina, so earnings are proportional to investment and having multiple accounts does not give any unfair advantage. Bots are prohibited, so a single user must still manage all of their accounts.
Players are free to reinvest into the game to increase their earning potential as stated by the developers.